Our Vision

Your Vision: Our Reality

Our mission is to optimize value for Owners by synchronizing your
objectives and delivering the best possible, highest quality projects
that meet your needs, respect constraints and exceed expectations.

Our Approach

We begin with a thorough understanding of your vision in which
we identify your stakeholders and the resources necessary to
carry out your project mission. We lead the Project Team in
a collaborative manner and craft a strategic approach to
achieve the aesthetic, function, quality, budget and schedule
goals. Our customized leadership and management approach
promotes the highest quality of work and keeps your project
within budget and on schedule. From planning and design
through construction and opening, our technical expertise, professionalism and impeccable service ensures that your goals and objectives are achieved and your vision is realized.

"Rick was very precise in his description of the issues so that the lay people sitting on the Design Committee could understand and then discuss the issues with the level of detail required to come to a consensus. Over 5 years, the Design Committee made every decision by consensus and every vote was unanimous."

Gerry Fathauer
Former Director of Arts and Cultural Services, City of Mesa

"He has that ability to remain calm and lead without dominating. He is never domineering. He is always listening."

Barton Meyers
Principal, Barton Myers Associates