Herberger Theater Center | Phoenix, Arizona

The Project

Extensive architectural, structural and technical renovation of a popular performing arts theater in downtown Phoenix that features three distinct venues.

Our Accomplishments
  • Optimized funding by creatively structuring the project to be completed off-season, over two summers, enhancing the improvements.
  • Designated and managed phase 1 for electrical and mechanical improvements to take place over three summer months.
  • Led the design process for all architectural renovations including lobby, balcony, center stage, stage west, theatre seats, rotunda and patron amenities.
  • Identified and oversaw phase 2 for all architectural improvements and renovations and managed project so all improvements were completed in just 130 calendar days.

"Believe me, I felt a lot more comfortable having Rick there and his organizational skills, keeping track of schedules, design, construction and budget. As our Owner's representative, I couldn't find anyone better to give an owner confidence that we would meet our deadlines and budget."

Larry Kraft, Capital Projects Manager, City of Phoenix

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