Mesa Arts Center | Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Arts Center | Mesa, Arizona

The Project

Design and construction of a highly complex performing and visual arts center with multiple theaters, studios, galleries and offices in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

Our Accomplishments
  • Protected the integrity of the project despite a significant budget shortfall.
  • Structured a bid process that ensured that only qualified bidders could respond while complying with the state's restrictive procurement requirement.
  • Translated technical issues so stakeholders could fully understand the complexity of their decisions.
  • Established a systematic process which resulted in consensus by all 25 stakeholder groups.

"Rick was so precise in his description of the issues that lay people on the Design Committee could discuss every issue at the level of detail required. Over five years, the Design Committee made every decision by consensus and every vote was unanimous."

Gerry Fathauer
Former City of Mesa Director of Arts & Culture

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