As Owner's Representatives, Pfocus provides services for any and all phases of capital improvement projects from the initial planning phase through design, bid/award, construction and occupancy. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Leadership – Lead the collective Project Team to deliver the Owner’s vision via a tailored strategic project plan.
  • Project Management – Manage the day-to-day activities synchronized with the strategic project plan to deliver the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost, and time goals.
  • Design Team/Construction Team Selection – Guide processes to select the Design Team and Construction Team aligned with the goals.
  • Contract Negotiations – Collaborate with selected Project Team Members to establish agreements that synchronize their scope of services, deliverables, and durations with the goals.
  • Cost Estimating – Determine costs of project elements defined by illustrations and narratives via standard data basis.
  • Value Engineering – Optimize the capital improvement and operational objectives through recommendations that maintain or improve the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost, and time goals.
  • Project Scheduling – Develop logic driven project timelines that present the activities necessary to achieve the mission, which are synchronized with the project objectives.
  • Design and Constructability Review – Evaluate project documents during design and offer recommendations and suggestions to promote a project consistent with the aesthetic, functional, quality, cost and time objectives.
  • Project Close-Out – Coordinate delivery of operations and maintenance manuals, extra materials, and systems training to facilitate Owner transition.